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A little about AFC — Campus Minister Matt Schalk

“Simply put, we believe that “Jesus Makes Sense“. 2,000 and some odd years ago he came to this world preaching some news that would change everything. All these years later and he’s still changing lives and Aggies for Christ has a front row seat to what he’s doing at New Mexico State University and in Las Cruces, NM. 

6 years ago I joined AFC as a student and 2 years ago I took over as campus minister to this amazing group of students and young adults. Every Wednesday night in the Spring and Fall semesters we hold a large group worship service at 7pm (1555 E. University Ave.) As big and fun as our Wednesday nights are, we strive to be far more than just a campus organization. Our heart cry is to be a real community, a real family of Jesus followers who are truly trying to live full lives as disciples of Christ.

If you have any questions about Aggies for Christ, feel free to email me personally at matt@church4thecity.com